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You want your home to be beautiful, a place where you can entertain with style, grace and personal comfort.  You also want it to be a creative, private sanctuary where you and your family can relax in affordable, wow-worthy luxury.


But designing a home is time consuming.  It takes planning and attention to countless details to create an environment to suit your specific needs and meet all of your expectations.  With your busy lifestyle, you may be feeling overwhelmed by design decisions.  The abundant options in the marketplace and on the internet only add to the confusion, as do concerns about how to maximize what you already own.  A little guidance, direction and advice can go a long way.  I am here to help!


Hi, I’m Joan Ravasy and I’ve been a trained interior designer for the past 25 years serving clients in New Jersey, New York, Florida (Palm Beach County) and across the country.  I help people transform their houses into homes they love that are classic and transcend time.


Whether you’re looking to start new, refresh or completely reinvent your home, I can help design a tailored space that reflects your personal style and that is truly all about you.

My Interior Design Philosophy

I live life in color and dimension, surrounded by design.  I see the creation and influence of beauty in everything, from mother nature to fashion.

When I’m designing, I observe the potential of a room in a three-dimensional way.  I imagine a project completed as part of my experiential philosophy.  I choose to create lasting memories and experiences that give joy and a sense of accomplishment to both the client and myself.

The simplicity of walking into a home or a room and feeling transported to another place is what I work hard to create.  It is an aesthetic and esoteric experience I wish for my clients to have.

Toward that end, I present bold, forward-thinking, fresh ideas to open your mind and provide inspiration.  I’ll give you plenty of options to consider.  My artistic, creative approach often goes well beyond conventional design solutions.

I’ll show you concepts from elegant to edgy, but ultimately, my job is to help interpret your personal aesthetic and represent it in your design down to the last detail.

My Design Process

As a designer, seeing the space, reviewing architectural drawings and meeting with you are my preference, although I have done many projects digitally.  To begin, we talk on the phone and have a general discussion of the site, the project and your expectations.

We then schedule an initial, in-person, complimentary onsite design appointment to see the physical space and discuss your specific needs, budget, existing and new furnishings, background finishes and other details to gain a clear vision of the final finished space you desire.

My ability to see dimensionally a design in my mind’s eye enables me to envision the space completed before the project even begins.  We then collaborate to capture the essence of your personality, lifestyle, desires and needs.  I do everything I can to make the design process delightful, engaging, harmonious and successful.

My Design Projects

While I love designing an entire raw space from a set of architectural drawings and working with architects, builders and remodelers.  I can also design everything from a single room to an entire living level.  Creating a client’s dream kitchen and watery sensual bathrooms are assignments I deeply enjoy.

Designing exquisite jewel-box rooms, no matter how small the space, always brings me great creative joy and satisfaction.  I have many clients who are now downsizing, moving to other states, and choosing the ease of leased space, so the ability to execute those types of projects are also part of my design life.

I am able to work with furnishings you already own and love.  Often we can reimagine elements placed elsewhere in the home and we can repurpose objects.  You’d be surprised at how small, artistic touches can result in a dramatic makeover.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, mid-century or a traveled eclectic mix, we can transform your home or office into an other-worldly, fresh crisp and special place that is uniquely your own.

My Resources for Shopping

In addition to the numerous stateside manufacturers and vendors I work with, I attend the High Point Market, Paris flea markets, KBIS, and design centers in New York City, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.  I frequent furniture showrooms, brick-and-mortar stores, consignment shops and clearance centers, as well as check mail catalogs and online sites.

All of these combined resources viewed through my “design eye” give me opportunities to purchase innovative products and keep me tuned into new trends.  I delight in identifying designs that will define style in the months to come and will bring them to your home, interpreted and blended to define your own look.

My Turnkey Solution

I take projects from conception through completion.  Working closely with you, we’ll select your furniture and finishes to create a complete design that’s elegant, cohesive and timeless.  With the artful blending of fabrics, colors, shapes and textures, we’ll define and showcase your individual style.

My team of contractors, craftsmen and installers are exceptional.  Many have worked with me for over 20 years.  They know what I expect in terms of quality.  All projects are completed under my direction.  They are my team, and their experience, talent and loyalty, established over many years, translates to successful outcomes.

Start to finish, I’ll follow through on every exquisite detail, right down to the chocolates on your pillow and the bottle of champagne chilling in your ice bucket.  And when all is finally done, you’ll return home after a day out, and experience The Big Reveal.

My Secret to Success - Collaborative Harmony

Throughout the 25 years I’ve been in business, I’ve developed long-term relationships with many of my clients, designing multiple homes for them as well as homes for their children, friends and extended family, thanks to their referrals.  My dedication to my clients is unmatched.  They know I’m always available to them during the design process and beyond.


From dorm rooms to retirement homes, from penthouses to basements, I delight in the process and the exuberance of a satisfied client admiring their beautiful new space.


What I’ve done for hundreds of clients – helping them create, or recreate, their dream space – I can do for you.  I encourage you to schedule a complimentary initial phone consultation so we can begin your design journey and explore all of the exciting possibilities.

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