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FAQs About Interior Design Services

What do you design?

Luxury homes represent many of my projects, but I also truly enjoy designing small jewel box homes and spaces, kitchens, baths, office waiting rooms, executive suites, conference rooms, restaurants, retail, yachts, remodels, rentals, leased spaces and dorm rooms.  I also enjoy doing one day home refreshes, staging for resale, and decorating Airbnb spaces.

What areas do you serve?

I work with clients in New Jersey, New York City, and South Florida, specifically Palm Beach County.  I will travel outside the area by prior agreement.

How long have you been in business?

I founded Joan Ravasy Interior Design in 1985.

How do you typically work with a client?

The work is tailored to the individual project, but here’s a quick list of the steps typically involved in most projects:

  1. Initial phone consultation or Zoom meeting.
  2. Visit the site and speak with you about your objectives, expectations, overall design plan and budget.
  3. Develop working floor plans, furniture plans, color palette, fabrics , wallcoverings for you to view and approve.
  4. Select materials and create plans for flooring, reflective ceiling plan, portable lighting, unique finishes stone, hard surfaces, plumbing, electrical and paint.
  5. Purchase products as needed from appropriate cost-effective resources.
  6. Coordinate with suppliers, contractors, installers for successful installations of approved design.
  7. Coordination of installation per approved design.

Will you only take on entire homes?

No, I often focus on specific rooms.  Common project are:

  • Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom(s)
  • Designing a new addition
  • Designing a complete area of the house such as the first floor, master suite, children’s room or men’s space.
  • Outdoor living
  • Staging a home for sale

Do you ever design special events?

Yes, and I love doing them!  I specialize in private dinner parties, tablescapes, events of site and fantastic venues from barns in cornfields to a peaked tent on the property.  I coordinate with floral designers, as well do my own flower arrangements, create special tableware and themed settings and often incorporate where possible the owners’ unique possessions.  I absolutely love to do this.  Everything but the food!

FAQs About Interior Design Process

Why should I engage you as interior designer?

I can assist  and make your space beautiful and functional.  I design affordable luxury that follows current trends and suits your lifestyle.  I provide direction from beginning to end, saving you time, effort and worry about making the right selections.  I also present and share the many reliable resources that I’ve come to know over the years that represent my brand and will meet your expectations.

Often I can save you money by helping you avoid costly design mistakes and through my access to trade-only resources for purchasing products.  Additionally, my design work adds value to your home, which could result in a higher price when you sell some day in the future.  I often say to my clients, “I am here to save you money, not to spend it!”

What if I don't like an idea?

Then I come up with alternatives.  The design process is not about what I like.  It’s about defining you own personal style and creating a space that fits your lifestyle.  There are many ways to design a space.  We’ll discuss all possible solutions before any budgets are spent.

Do we need to buy all new furnishings or can we use what I have?

That is my favorite project!  When you have existing furnishings, artwork and accessories, we will have discussions as to what is appropriate and viable for the ultimate outcome.  Repurposing, reupholstery and painting go a very long way.  Your personal taste and budget will dictate what we use.  Whether the project is new construction, remodeling or simply decorative, we can create a space you’ll love and incorporate the elements that are special to you.

Where do you obtain products for my home?

I obtain products from manufacturers, trade vendors, catalogs, mail order, brick-and-mortar locations, name-brand clearance center, special-to-the-trade showrooms and workrooms.  I’ve established relationships with so many of these places and people over the years.

I also source products from retailers you know.  I have been known to go to the curb to Cartier, to the dumpster to Donghia.  I look everywhere for great design and the potential of all the elements combined to make a cohesive, interesting and unique place for you.

You can also find me treasure hunting for high-end vintage furnishings in consignment stores and places like the Paris flea market, sending you live pics from my iPhone for you to approve.

How do you handle work such as painting, flooring, installing window treatments, etc.?

This work requires skilled craftspeople. I have contractors I’ve worked with for years; some for decades!  I have expectations to meet for the project and the contractors I engage know this.  Often the client has their own contractors and resources, and I am always happy to work with them to complete our vision.

How involved do you expect me to be?

That’s totally up to you.  You can be as involved as you’d like.  I can bring samples to you, and you can make your decisions.  I can go shopping and send you photos.  You can join me shopping if you’d prefer.  I’ve also had clients who’ve given me the keys and left the country, telling me when they’ll be back to see the finished job.  I’ll work with you in whatever way you want that is viable for a successful outcome and meet your expectations.

How much will designing my home cost?

As you would expect, costs vary based on the scope of the project.  I am mindful of my client’s budget.  I believe in affordable luxury.  Over the years, I’ve done projects ranging from $1,000 to $1,000,000.  I’ll always provide you with budgets and pricing before any purchases are made.

What if I have a tight deadline?

I do my best to meet deadlines and will tell you up front if your timeline is realistic.  I recently had to design a new home in just three weeks because the owners were expecting family for Christmas. I took care of everything – flooring, furniture, rugs, artwork, new kitchen, bathrooms, guest room, etc.  I lost 10 pounds eating apples and peanut butter, but I got the job done!  The clients and family were very happy!

FAQs About Joan Ravasy

How did you get into interior design?

My interest in interior design began at a young age.  My mother kept a beautiful home.  We had sparse, but elegant decor, and our home was a place of refuge and understated quality and beauty.  It was also modest, well thought out and timeless.  I never forgot those values and they have carried me through my career.

We were always moving furniture around, changing it out for the seasons and decorating for the holidays.  We frequently entertained with delectable food and precise table settings of china, silver and glass on flawless embroidered linen.  My mother had excellent taste in home, style and fashion and the impression of that lifestyle has never left me.

I was also greatly influenced by fashion designing and making my own clothes, I understand how to recognize quality of construction and the hand of a fabric, which deeply influenced my style in interior design.

Did you go to school for interior design?

Yes, I’m one of those people who knew early on exactly what I wanted for a career.  Interior design is my chosen profession and my life’s work.  I have a four-year Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Kean University in New Jersey.  I am a Professional member of ASID, NKBA and IFDA.

How do you stay current?

I frequent national and international trade shows, furniture showrooms, High Point Market, ICFF, KBIS, Maison Objet, Paris flea markets, the AD show and private events.  They inpsire me, keep me up to date on trends, fuel a forward-thinking vision, and help me have an ever-present eye for what’s new and what’s coming.

My love of travel is also a continuing education and inspiration to my work and lifestyle.  Additionally, as a member of several design organizations, maintenance of CEUs is mandatory.

How would you describe yourself?

I am a creative.  I like making lasting memories and putting smiles on people’s faces.  That is the best party of my job!  I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm, resourcefulness, honesty, dedication and loyalty combined with positive thinking and good listening in all of my projects.  I’m a problem-solver, digging deep into the client’s needs.  I pride myself on being inventive and cost-effective with high energy; that keeps me stimulated and dedicated.

When my clients tell me what they like and what’s important to them, I keep all that information in mind as I make design proposals so, at the end of the day, it is a collaboration of client and designer to visualize and formulate a successful space, while enjoying the process along the way.  And of course, the goal is for everyone to be happy with the end result.

Can you provide references?

You can read testimonials from my clients here on my website.  Upon request, I can also provide the names and contact information on additional projects.

What's the next step if I'm interested in discussing my interior design project?

Contact me and let’s set up a time to chat by phone.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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