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There are many situations where you may benefit from the expert advice of a New York, New Jersey or Florida interior designer but don’t need or want to invest in full-service interior design.  Joan Ravasy Design is pleased to offer hourly design services for home refresh and single rooms.  You may benefit from this service if you:

  • Are hosting a gathering and longing for simple ways to create a more inviting space
  • Have a design dilemma and are looking for a professional opinion
  • Wish to add color to your home but are afraid of making mistakes so you stick with neutrals
  • Have bought furniture and accessories but are unsure oh how they’ll fit into your home
  • Are moving to a new home and need guidance of what type of furniture and accessories to buy or how to arrange your existing furnishings
  • Would like some general advice on how to improve your home
  • Have a number of art pieces and accessories but don’t know how to arrange them
  • Want to update your fireplace but don’t know which materials and style would look best
  • Prefer to pay for design services as you need them (a la carte) rather than a comprehensive project fee

My hourly design for home refresh and single rooms are flexible so you can use them as often or as little as you’d like.  They make it easy to spruce up your home without investing in a full-fledged design.

Whether you need help decorating your mudroom, furnishing your deck or patio, or creating a tablescape, I can help.  Simply call and I’ll come over and give you the expert advice you need to create a beautiful space.

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